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Visitor Visa forParents


Visitor Visa (Subclass 676-Long) Visas:

Since 24 November 2012, parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents have been able to apply for Tourist visas to visit Australia for longer. These changes allow parents who meet the criteria for a Tourist visa to have regular extended visits with their family in Australia without needing to apply for a new visa on each visit and also recognize the length of the Parent visa queue.


Multiple entry visas with a maximum stay of 12 months will be considered on a case- by-case basis with maximum validity periods of up to:

  • five years for parents outside Australia and in the Parent (subclass103) visa queue
  • three years for parents outside Australia who have:
  • had a previous Australian visa and complied with the conditions; and
  • have not applied for a Parent visa; or
  • have applied for a Parent (subclass 103) visa but are not yet in the Parent visa queue
  • 18 months for parents who have:
  • not previously travelled to Australia; and
  • have not applied for a Parent visa; or
  • have applied for a Parent (subclass 103) visa but are not yet in the Parent visa queue.


Longer Tourist visas described above will also be considered for step parents and eligible New Zealand citizens. Longer Tourist visas will not be offered to other family members like partners or children who have current permanent visa options with shorter queues.

It is unlikely that parents who have earlier been refused a Tourist visa will now meet the requirements, unless their situations have changed.



Tourist visas are not intended for maintaining ongoing residence in Australia. Accordingly, longer Tourist visas will not be considered for parents who:

  • are already in Australia; or
  • have already spent 12 months in Australia in the last 18 months.


If you have recently stayed in Australia for an extended period, you will generally not be considered for a longer Tourist visa until you have spent a minimum of 6 months outside Australia in the last 18 months at the time you apply for a new Tourist visa. For example, if you have spent the last 12 months in Australia, you should wait for 6 months before applying for a new visa if you wish to be considered under these arrangements.

Visa holders may visit Australia on multiple occasions while their visa is valid but must not stay in Australia for more than 12 months continually or a total of 12 months in any 18 month period.

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